• Image of "selfie"
  • Image of "selfie"

Who stares back at you? Do you still recognise this person?
Own this painting which appears in the collectible RR451:01 book. 16X40 Oil on Stretched Canvas.
Interested buyers please contact Kupelian's fine art rep:
216 S. Louise St. Glendale, CA 91205
TEL: 818-484-5688

Image of "Goddess of the Net/ Maid You Look
"Goddess of the Net/ Maid You Look
Image of "Family Secret: the Elevator"
"Family Secret: the Elevator"
Image of "Nerve Center"
"Nerve Center"
Image of "ambulance"
Image of "Manufacturing Consent"
"Manufacturing Consent"
Image of "the Counselor"
"the Counselor"
Image of "72"
Image of "Roburaskha 2"
"Roburaskha 2"
Image of "Lance" SOLD
"Lance" SOLD
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