EoB Vol 1: WAR GODS Standard Edition

Image of EoB Vol 1: WAR GODS Standard Edition


301 A.D. Part One of the Graphic Novel Saga. EoB is a Byzantine-era Saga of unparalleled bravery, a fresh new look at the world before the Dark Ages and after the fall of the classical Rome of the Caesars. And it is timely. Every conflict and power that rose out of the ashes of a falling Roman Empire still exists today, tearing away at itself, and the world with it. Cold wars and blood lust. Regimes that cover a myriad of languages and peoples propelled by resource wars and ideologies. In the midst of it are individuals that have have to rise to unprecedented feats of bravery and sacrifice - for their ideals, their families, and their ancestral homelands, something in the great scheme of things that is still worth fighting for...